In the past, I had the chance to work with a volunteer group called “Make a Wish”.

This volunteer group was originally established in the US in 1980 to help children fighting against serious diseases. Their goal is to provide strength and courage to keep on living by making such children’s dreams come true.

“Make a Wish Japan” was established in 1992, and has helped many children suffering from various diseases by making their dreams come true.

When I was helping “Make a Wish Japan” back then, I was still taking part in junior class racing, and was not yet prepared to think about what kind of contribution I could make to society.

However, my experience at “Make a Wish Japan” gradually made me think about how I, as a racecar driver, could contribute to society and my future direction.

I realized that as a professional racecar driver the best thing I can do is always try my best on a daily basis and let people see my effort and determination. And at the circuit, I hope not only to excite and entertain but also hope to impart the idea that anything is possible; it’s okay to dream!

By becoming a professional racecar driver taking part in Super Formula races, I have realized one of my dreams.

But still I dream of helping such children make their dreams come true so that they too can experience the joy and excitement of realizing their dreams. I am sure that by doing so I too will receive great power and reward so that I can continue to strive hard towards my next dream.

To help make these dreams come true I am placing a donation box at the circuit and also am selling a variety of merchandise.

Your donations and purchases will be highly appreciated by the kids and by me.

Yuichi Nakayama